Revigour Prostate

  • Revigour Prostate

Revigour Prostate

AUST L 286431

Product code: GNRP60

Carefully formulated to provide a high quality unisex supplement with a therapeutic dosage of Saw Palmetto combined with Epilobium, Damiana, Horny goat weed, Pumpkin seed, Fish oil and Zinc, this product contains saw palmetto in the dosage that display effectiveness in clinical trials in the management of medically diagnosed benign prostatic hypertrophy by decreasing symptoms of frequent urination, nocturia, hesitancy, dribbling, painful urination and residual urine volume.

Available Sizes: 60 capsules

Functions : Men's Health


  • May assist in the management of medically diagnosed benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • May assist in the relief of frequent urination, nocturia, pain and burning on urination, residual urine volume and improve urinary flow in men with mediacally diagnosed benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • Male support. Nutrtional and herbal support designed to support and enhance masculine needs
  • Provides support to the male reproductive system
  • Maintains prostate health
  • Maintains male sexual function, performance and libido
  • Assists in maintaining a healthy balance of the male hormones
Each capsule contains:
Serenoa serrulata 3.2g (3200mg) 3200mg
(Saw palmetto) fruit
Standardised to contain 288mg fatty acids
Epilobium parviflorum herb 500mg
Turnera diffusa (Damiana) leaf 500mg
Epimedium sagittatum 5g (5000mg)
Horny Goat Weed) leaf
Cucurbita pepo (Pumpkin) seed 150mg
Fish oil - Natural 310mg
Zinc sulfate monohydrate 55mg
Equiv. to 20mg zinc

Directions for use: Take 1 capsules daily, with meal, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Vitamins can only be of assistance if the dietary vitamin intake is inadequate


Contains Lactose

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